Comment Marketing

Not to be confused with Content Marketing - Commenting is fun and easy to generate leads and traffic

Who should use this learning kit?

  • Virtual Assistants often struggle to get traffic to their website.  This learning kit will show you how to comment to improve your marketing and traffic.

This learning kit comprises:

  • 1 x 60 minute Video 
  • Worksheet to build your own comment marketing plan
  • Comment marketing worksheet to help you build awareness, trust and likeability.  Added benefits include getting links (improves your SEO), exposure and an engaged social following.
  • Group discussion through our closed Facebook Group

At the end of this learning program you will have a comment marketing plan to improve online awareness of your service as well as more traffic and interest in your services.


  • Set your goals
  • Measure your effectiveness
  • Generate a list of sites and communities to engage with
  • Research to make the best use of your time
  • Set up an alert system.
  • Analyze what works and what doesn't.