Exit Strategy and Vision

Learn how to easily create an exit strategy and vision board to help you achieve your goals.

Who should use this learning kit?

  • All aspiring virtual assistants who don't know where to start
  • All virtual assistants who are struggling to progress in their business
  • All virtual assistants who don't like planning

This learning kit comprises:

  • 1 x 60 minute Video 
  • Worksheet to create a quick plan
  • 1 page business plan template
  • Instructions on how to create a vision board
  • Group discussion through our closed Facebook Group

At the end of this learning kit you will have a vision board and 1 page plan for your business.


  • Your signature dish
  • The ingredients and method of building a plan
  • What to include in a vision board
  • Tools and tactics to help you
  • Your organisation chart