Earn What You Are Worth Learning Kit

2 x 60 minutes videos, worksheet and help with price strategies and tactics. You'll have everything you need to know about pricing.

Who should use this learning kit?

  • New Virtual Assistants who are unsure about what to charge
  • Existing Virtual Assistants who want to move away from charging hourly rates
  • All business owners who find it hard to increase their rates

This learning kit comprises:

  • 2 x 60 minute Videos on Earning what you are Worth and Special Officers, Packages and Relaxed Retainers
  • Worksheets - stepping you through activities to talk benefits and create bundles of services.
  • Group discussion through our closed Facebook Group

At the end of this learning program you will have a series of 3 packages you can offer, improved marketing content, special offers and strategies to convert hourly clients to retainer clients.  You will know what you are worth and have the tactics to get the clients you want.

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