Business Networking Course for Virtual Assistants

Everything you need to know about building relationships and getting clients

Learn the Practical Networking Skills you Need to Get More Referrals and Clients for your Business

Attending business networking events can be a daunting task for most virtual assistants (and most business owners).  However, it is one of the most effective ways to find good clients.  People will buy from others who they know, like and trust.  The quickest way to get to this stage is to meet them face to face.  When you help them in some way, it is impossible for them not to want to help you!

There are right and wrong ways to network and if you aren’t aware of what is effective and what isn’t you can waste a lot of time getting it right. You can also waste a lot of money and resources.

In this course we show you how to network effectively.  How to avoid selling and how to build trust quickly with your network.  We also discuss the different types of networks available,  what you should do before you start and what tactics to use to get the best return.  Plus much more…

Business Networking Resources included:

  • 60 Second Infomercial Template
  • Memory Hooks example
  • Networking Nuggets

2 x Bonus Sessions:

  1. 1 hour session on How to Network like an Introvert
  2. 1 hour session on Generosity

Course Content:

The What

  • What exactly is networking and what you need to do before you start
  • Your mindset and ice breakers to use
  • Your image and what to take with you
  • Outline of your follow up system

The Why

  • Referrals, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Why networking works better than any other method of attracting good clients
  • Interview mode types of networks to target
  • Creating a budget for both money and time

The Who

  • Have a plan and a template to help you create your plan
  • Understanding what you want
  • How to give more than you received
  • 6 Essentials and Follow up System

The Process

  • How to automate, delegate and do it!
  • Your process and system
  • 60 Second Infomercial examples
  • Choosing a memory hook
  • Starting with your inner circle