Basics of Business Finance for Virtual Assistants

Understand Financial Statements and Create a Budget

In the Basics of Business Finance for Virtual Assistants we provide 2 Sections

  • the first section is on Understanding Financial Statements.
  • the second section shows you how to create your first budget

If you are a virtual assistant without a finance background this course will show you how to structure and read important financial statements that will help you in your business.  The second lesson steps you through the process of working out your break even figure and then creating your first budget.

Are you fed up not being able to decipher reports from your accountant and struggle to work out how your business is performing?

Do you make spending decisions based on the balance in your bank account without knowing what has been allocated or what is required to be spent later?

This course is definitely for you if you answer yes to either of the questions above.  I have created this course to make it easy for you!

Virtual assistants often get stuck in the daily routine of handling clients, juggling family commitments and providing client services.  They run out of time to read and understand important financial statements and make good financial decisions.

This course has been created to make it simple for you to understand what each financial statement means and takes you through the steps of creating each report.  The course includes videos, resources to download and practical activities to practice your new skills.  The Presenter, Liz Parker, has had over 25 experience in creating and monitoring large budgets in the millions of dollars as well as 10 years experience in running her own successful business.  Liz has created this course, trying as much as possible to avoid jargon!

In the first section on Understanding Financial Reports, the following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of the basics
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Non-current Assets and depreciation

In the second section on Budgeting for Beginners, the following is covered:

  • Understanding the traditional planning cycle and adjusting it to suit a VA business
  • The 5 Critical Success Factors of any VA Business and how budgeting addresses 4 of these.
  • A comprehensive Budget Workbook and Planner
  • Follow step by step as I show you how to complete the planner to establish a break even goal for your business.
  • Follow step by step as I show you how to complete your first business budget using the workbook provided.

The course currently includes access to 7 videos on the topics listed plus bonus downloads:

  1. Budget Planner Spreadsheet
  2. Pricing Strategies Overview
  3. Price setting worksheet
  4. More information and links summary sheet
  5. VA Business Sample Chart of Accounts
  6. Sample 1: Income Statement
  7. Sample 2: Income Statement
  8. Cash Flow Chart
  9. Sample list of accounts for a VA Business
  10. Wallchart – Allocation
  11. Workbook – Budget Planner and Budget Template with Cash Flow Report


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