How to Create a Wordpress Site from Scratch

Added bonus course - How to SEO a Wordpress Site

2 Courses for the price of 1 - Wordpress and SEO

By the end of the WordPress Training Online course you will have the skills to create a WordPress website from scratch:

  • Install WordPress, Themes and Plugins
  • Set up your WordPress site from scratch
  • Find and install themes – premium and free
  • Understand what essential plugins you will need
  • Know how to add pages, posts and images
  • Understand security issues and how to back up your site
  • Be able to use basic SEO skills to attract traffic to your site
  • Measure and monitor your site using Google tools.

37 Videos plus 2 Bonus Videos + resources

WordPress is the most popular content management system for small businesses worldwide.  The main reason for this is its flexibility and range of themes and plugins that are available.  Plus, it allows you to create beautiful and effective websites.

As an open source software, WordPress itself is free to install on your host server.  Most of the themes and plugins are either free or low cost.  In this course we show you how to do everything to get your site up and running.  At the end of the course you will understand and have the knowledge to be able to create your dream website.

Course Content:

  • Intro to WordPress Training
  • Lesson 1: What’s the plan?
  • Lesson 2: WordPress Content Management System – Introduction
  • Lesson 3: Creating and Maintaining Your Website
  • Lesson 4: Media
  • Lesson 5: Posts
  • Lesson 6: Main Pages
  • Lesson 7: Visitor and User Interaction
  • Lesson 8: Plugins and Features

The course also includes free bonus Course on How to SEO a Website PLUS

  1.  10 Point Health Check for your website x 10 videos
  2. Keyword research
  3. On Page Factors
  4. Off Page Factors
  5. Resources and Next Steps