Email Selling Machine

Set up a fully automated selling machine for your virtual business.

Are you eager to find out how to build a fully automated selling machine for your business?

Here is a learning package to help you do just that.  

Our Email Selling Machine package includes a video and workbook.

The video steps you though the process and the workbook gives you the content that you need to get this machine up and running efficiently.

Are you tired of working one on one for clients as well as juggling all your other hats?  or are you keen to set up a passive income stream that doesn't depend on you selling hours?

Have you been thinking that there must be a smarter way to work that doesn't mean spending more time on client work?  Well, you're not alone.

FACT: Only 20% of Virtual Assistants have built additional streams of income that reduces the time they work in their business and  maintains or increases the amount they earn.

So let's say you take the leap and go on a journey to learn about sales funnels and how they work and then do some further training on how to set it up and get it working.  After that you then need to learning email selling techniques to get the copy right. Our research shows that you are 70% more likely to succeed because you are buying a learning package that steps you through the process and gives you the sales copy to make the sale.  You have decided to take a short cut and get to the set up stage much faster.  That's why you need to buy this learning package because it will reduce procrastination and get you off the "thinking about it" stage to "doing it"

The Ultimate Email Selling Machine Learning Package

Over the past 3 years we have done the research and training for you.  We have tested the system and had proven success.  We have built nearly 100 sales funnels in a wide range of content areas and we know it works.  In addition to running our own sales funnels, we also consulted with the best in the business and enrolled in expensive courses.  

When we were finished, we were left with a simple, easy to follow learning package that incorporated all the best options.

Here is a sampling of what's covered in this learning package:

What's included in this package:

  • A Roadmap image to help you track the different stages of your sales funnel.
  • The 5 stages of your funnel and how to manage them
  • 3 Essential Tools you need to automate your funnel
  • How to build relationships and make the sale
  • A step by step video on the different stages of setting up your automated system
  • The best technology to use for the best results
  • All the email copy content you need for each stage of the funnel
  • A comprehensive workbook with map, explanation on the stages and actual content for your email messages.
  • and much more......






Personally, I wouldn't attempt to build this without having this package to follow as this would be the only way to avoid a mishap.  Have you ever heard the expression "Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper"?  The same applies here!

We have already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn't).  Believe me, we made some mistakes and "got scalped" a few times along the way....and we do this for a living.

That is why we're so careful to document what works into simple, easy to follow workbooks so everyone on our team can duplicate these results.

These learning packages are usually only made available to our subscribers ONLY who pay over $2100 annually.    However, this topic is so important to building a passive income stream that we have made it available to everyone.

I have made this offer available to you because I know how important it is to helping you earn more and spend less time in your business.  This system works and is one that I follow in my own business.  The system has enabled me to reduce my hours to 3 mornings per week and increase my income.  You really have very little to loose because the offer includes access to me to help you understand how to do it all.

Yep.....$147 (+ GST if applicable)

Literally, you can have a family lunch at a fancy cafe or you can:

  • Build a passive income stream that continues to sell for you even when you aren't in the office
  • Build a tangible asset for your business
  • Offer a similar service to others for top rates
  • Continue to build an unlimited number of income streams for your business
  • Avoid embarrassing rookie mistakes
  • Increase your confidence and ability and be recognised as an authority

The choice is yours.....


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