Perfect Client Welcome Kit

Build client loyalty and trust

`Are you sick of marketing constantly for new clients because your existing clients don't stay?

Perhaps you are attracting clients but you don't seem to work well with them.  If that is the case then a welcome kit that helps you induct your clients into your way of working is exactly what you need.

It doesn’t matter if your rates are as low as they can be, the client uses your services and then either just doesn't call anymore or goes elsewhere.

It's not unusual, it happens all the time…

You see the normal cycle for a virtual assistant is to market, pick up a client, lose the client and then market again.  It's a cycle that is hard to get out of and while you are marketing you aren't earning any income.

So what can be done so that you hold on to your clients longer and weed out the tyre kickers sooner?

This perfect client welcome kit helps you establish a strong relationship with the client from day 1.  It also provides you with ideas on how to add value to the client while not impacting negatively on your costs.  Clients want to buy value and you want to deliver quality outcomes.  Neither of you want to buy or sell hours or time, so why does the conversation revolve around the hourly rate so often?

The answer is that it is the easiest way to start in your business.  You come from an employee background where your boss bought hours from you for years.  It is what you are used to.  It is also an easy way for your clients to know what to budget for.  However, the reality is that your clients want value for money and you want to deliver outcomes.

We help hundreds of virtual assistants set up and grow their business on a regular basis and we can see this pattern happening, time and time again.  We also know that the sooner the virtual assistant overcomes this hurdle the faster their business will grow.  

So rather than panic, we got to work!

In addition to talking to many, many clients and doing some tests ourselves, we also consulted with every expert we know to come up with the ideal client welcome kit for maximizing the potential to improve long term commitment by the client.

When we were finished, we were left with a simple, easy-to-follow "Perfect Client Welcome Kit" that incorporated all our best practices.  We then put together a live presentation and covered the following:

  • The top 9 qualities of a perfect client (as agreed by experienced virtual assistants)
  • The major issues that virtual assistants are reluctant to talk about with their clients (eg increasing their rates)
  • How to manage risk and cover all eventualities so that you are not left with an unpaid invoice
  • How to provide value and bonuses to your client to keep the relationship sweet

- and so much more.....

Personally, I wouldn't take on another client, until you have listened to this session and got your hands on this template.  Seriously!

At 121temps we have done all the work, talked to everyone we could and still made some mistakes and we want you to be able to avoid them.  

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow templates so everyone in our community can duplicate these results across all their businesses.

In the past these training videos and templates were mine alone or only released to premium members, but now I’m making a select few available to the public.  

Normally the value of this template and video package would be $197 but for a very limited time I will let you have access to this template and video recording for only $97


Literally you could have a night out or you could choose to:

  • Save a massive amount of time by not having to go out and find out this stuff by yourself.
  • Earn more and save on marketing by keeping clients longer (and eliminating the time wasters sooner)
  • Not get stressed as you do when you are constantly looking for new clients
  • Happy clients means happy you - take the time to find out what will make them happy for longer.
  • The choice is yours......
    Click the button below to order the Perfect Client Welcome Kit to view the video and download the template and implement it right away.  The Agreement that is included in the kit has been reviewed by an Australian lawyer.