Get Started, Find Clients and Charge What You Are Worth Course

Do the right steps in the right order to get started immediately as a virtual assistant.

AUD 497.00 (including 10% GST)

Marketing Education Course for Virtual Assistants

Applying Marketing Principles to Your Virtual Business. Positioning, Planning, Promoting, Pricing and Increasing Sales to Clients

AUD 797.01 (including 10% GST)

Business Networking Course for Virtual Assistants

Everything you need to know about building relationships and getting clients


AUD 297.00 (including 10% GST)

Basics of Business Finance for Virtual Assistants

Understand Financial Statements and Create a Budget

AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

Premium Membership

Mentoring, Coaching, 15 Courses, 17 Learning Kits, 41 Templates, Plans, Scripts and Policies, Monthly Webinars, eHandbook, Free Client Leads, Listing on Search and Directory - Pay Weekly/Fortnightly/Annual with no contracts

AUD 198.00 (including 10% GST)

How to Create a Wordpress Site from Scratch

Added bonus course - How to SEO a Wordpress Site

AUD 197.00 (including 10% GST)

Email Selling Machine

Set up a fully automated selling machine for your virtual business.

AUD 161.70 (including 10% GST)

Perfect Client Welcome Kit

Build client loyalty and trust


AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

Linkedin Training

Get as many appointments as you want using Linkedin to connect with potential clients.

AUD 326.70 (including 10% GST)

Landing Page Checklist

Make sure you have the perfect page to offer a free download, improve your engagements and build your list.



AUD 0.00 (+ 10% GST)

Superpower Guide

10 Success Strategies

AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

Referrals and Testimonials Swipe File

Convert More Leads with Social Proof. Copy and paste from our swipe file to get more testimonials and referrals for your business.

AUD 4.00 (+ 10% GST)