Learning Kits

4 Easy Steps to Succeed Learning Kit

4 Videos, 4 Worksheets and a Marketing Plan with a One-2-One Mentoring Session to get you to where you want to be.

AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

Earn What You Are Worth Learning Kit

2 x 60 minutes videos, worksheet and help with price strategies and tactics. You'll have everything you need to know about pricing.

AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

Coffee Meetings and Following Up

One-on-one coffee meetings can be daunting, feel fear no more. Features step by step instructions and an exact script to follow.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Content Marketing 101

Learn how to do content marketing to improve you traffic to your website and increase your ranking in search results

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Exit Strategy and Vision

Learn how to easily create an exit strategy and vision board to help you achieve your goals.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Comment Marketing

Not to be confused with Content Marketing - Commenting is fun and easy to generate leads and traffic

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Picture This - Your Ideal Client in Focus Learning Kit

Create a customer profile that will help you fine tune your marketing to find the perfect client . Then find your clients easily.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Pricing and Packaging Your Services

Business Coach Tracey Leak and the 121 Temps Team discuss packaging your services and pricing tactics. Think like your clients and earn more.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Interviewing Leads to Convert to Clients

Do you struggle to convert your leads to paying clients? Use this simple process to convert every lead to a paying client.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

The Best Fiverr Storm Ever Spent

In this actual example of how Storm became a level 2 seller on Fiverr and generated high paying clients, you will be inspired to think differently about lead generation.

AUD 47.00 (including 10% GST)

Stupidly Simple SEO

6 short videos, 2 downloads, several links and a look over my shoulder to see how I took my website from no traffic to 6,500 impressions in 60 days.

AUD 97.00 (including 10% GST)

List Building for Virtual Assistants

3 videos, 4 downloads, several links and indepth look at how to build your list with steps for a 30 day challenge

AUD 57.20 (including 10% GST)