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Get access to all the services and support you will ever need to get started as a virtual assistant.  All for one low subscription.

We invite you to join the largest network of virtual assistants in Australia.  One subscription covers mentoring, coaching, online courses, support, private chat group and closed facebook group, resources, agreements, templates and so much more.  Why keep searching when it is all here f in one place for you.


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A proven approach

As the largest virtual assistant mentoring and training organisation in Australia, we have helped thousands of people create and build the business of their dreams.  Our approach has been proven time and time again as we help you reach your goals.  We use a mix of one on one mentoring and coaching with online courses with access to our other experienced members and our support team.  We go at your pace.  We help you create a business that suits you and is unique to you.  Why wait?  The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that 75% of people who want to work from home never do - don't become a statistic, start your journey today.

Mindset, Motivation

What do you really want out of your business? What services will you offer?  What type of clients will you work best with?
We help you get these answers and more!

Step-by-step Reference

Use our electronic handbook as a reference guide as you step through the process of building your virtual assistant business.  Includes templates, policies, video training and more

Online Courses Available 24/7

Get free access to a range of business courses to help you build your knowledge and skills.  From Learning Linkedin to building your first wordpress website and everything in between.

Live Training

Our Monthly Webinar Training is held in our online meeting room.  We choose the topic based on the needs of our members.  The sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend live events.

Marketing is the key

Our marketing course shows you several ways to market your business to gain clients and improve your income.  This online course has been created just for virtual assistants.

Prework before you start

Our flagship start up course will help you gain clarity around what you want to do and who you will help in your business.  Its the work you need to do before you start to find clients.

Real Stories by Real People

Find out what others did to become a virtual assistant and work from home.  These real life stories will inspire you!

Read some real stories

Vibrant community

Our private Skype Group chat for premium members and our closed Facebook Group "VAsUnplugged"  provides you with a safe and collaborative place to interact with other like minded virtual assistants.

  • “I came by the 121Temps website quite by chance when I was starting my VA business over 12 months ago. It was the best thing that ever happened. I have gained so much useful information and personal support, and Susan Wilkin is really a star when it comes to giving out advice and good ideas. I have also gained a lot of knowledge by attending the 121Temps online seminars/workshops. For people starting out in the VA business, I highly recommend joining 121Temps.”

    The best thing that ever happened

  • “I've known Liz Parker for 10 years now since I've joined 121 Temps and became a foundation member of VA Placements. Joining Liz's network has been the best business decision I've ever made, as I get just about all I need for my business from her two companies, ie clients, resources and training. Through Liz' network I have also come to know many other VAs who work from home, which can be a bit lonely if you haven't got someone to talk to and bounce ideas off. Liz intimately understands what development needs VAs have to get their business off the ground and flying, regardless of which business phase they are in. The resources and training she provides are excellent, so relevant and always at the cutting edge. I've had countless mentoring sessions with Liz over the years to help me shape and re-shape my business as I grow and go into the future. Liz's communication style is generous, warm, funny and motivating, and she knows what it takes to run a successful business. Liz is the ultimate professional, I can't recommend her highly enough.”

    Can't Recommend 121Temps Highly Enough

  • “Wow - that's all I can say since meeting Liz Parker. I have days where I can't see where I am heading and one phone call to Liz and she has cleared the path for me. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that she has. I have been a struggling Virtual Assistant for a couple of years before I met Liz. Now I have found that my business is growing by leaps and bounds. Liz has shown me where to access the information that I need. She has shown me courses to do to help develop myself. Since joining 121Temps I have gained new clients with ease, as Lizhelps you in that area as well. I am now setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am looking forward to my journey now that I can see my future as I have always wanted to work from home around my children and Liz has made this come true for me. Thanks Liz for everything that you have helped me with. I would highly recommend Liz and 121Temps for anyone wanting to work from home.”

    WOW - that's all I can say

Our Premium Member subscription has been created specifically to help you from starting up your business to growing it to where you want it to be.

Starting a business isn't complex, but you will save so much time by doing the right steps in the right order.  This is where our service comes in and makes a difference.  As the largest network of virtual assistants in Australia and operating for more than 10 years, we have helped hundreds of people, just like you to become a successful virtual assistant.  Our program is for Australian conditions.  It is a structured program that includes:

  1. Online courses
  2. One-2-One Mentoring
  3. eHandbook, 7 sections of a VA Business with embedded resources and videos
  4. Marketing Education Program
  5. Website structure and online Profile - and other training to build your skills.
  6. Live Webinars 
  7. Live Group Chat 
  8. VA Learning Centre
  9. Help with getting clients through our website - free leads

We are the only virtual assistant community worldwide that includes individual mentoring as part of your subscription.

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The risk is all ours with our 14 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  No contracts or hidden costs and a no questions asked full refund if its not for you.