Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia

This is an amazing offer to help you get started as a virtual assistant without having to break the bank. ONLY $10 pw

This subscription is only $10 weekly but you get a massive $2123 worth of services.  The free website hosting and training alone costs more than this and you get this FREE with the web option of $10.00 per week PLUS 8 Free Courses valued at $147 each.  A free Learning Kit each month valued between $47 to $97 each, plus resources, templates, invitation to live webinars and our very supportive community on Facebook.  Full access to our team members on skype. (If you have a coupon code you can use it on the next screen)

Your Exclusive Member Benefits at a Glance

  • NEW - Free Online Courses - 9 courses currently with more on the way - topics and details below (Value $1176)
  • UPGRADED - Release of a new Learning Kit every month (Value $47 each).  Learning kit includes video, template and guide where suitable - See samples of topics below.
  • NEW - Free access to the 4 Easy Steps to Succeed Learning Kit (value $110) 
  • Invitation to some of our live monthly webinars [Value $129)
  • Invitation to join our closed Facebook Group (Priceless)
  • NEW - FREE WEBSITE PACK (details below) (value $708)
  • Listing on our job leads site -  
  • We will also provide you with free templates, checklists, guides and toolkits from time to time. (avg $25 each)
  • NEW - Monthly blog articles on managing time, stress and learning as a virtual assistant (not published anywhere else)
  • NEW - Discounts and special offers each month. (Massive value)
  • Direct access to our team of experienced virtual assistants and mentors.  To book a free consult go to:

Pricing options

We know that one size doesn't fit all. Pick the price option that best fits your needs!


Basic WITH Website Pack


per week

All the member benefits listed above.  Total Value + $2123 over 12 months. (no contracts, cancel anytime)


Basic WITH Website Pack


Paid Annually

Everything that Basic Member gets PLUS Website Pack - Get 1 month free.  14 day guarantee - full refund.

Website Pack Includes

You receive as part of your membership subscription a Website Pack that includes:

  1. Your own TLD Domain Name that is registered in your name. (rules are different for .au domains)
  2. A website Hosting package that includes a free SSL Certificate and 3 email boxes with wordpress installed.
  3. A premium Thrive Theme and plugins.
  4. Free Access to our Wordpress Course, SEO Course and Content Marketing Training (see under menus above)
  5. Free resources such as a website cheat sheet and keyword research.

TOTAL VALUE = $59 per month - this is free with your $10 per month membership.

Get this massive offer now, before it goes away!

Question from Lou,

Liz, Why are you offering this massive value to most of your products.  The free website and added training in Wordpress and SEO alone would cost me more than this each month, which means I get everything FREE - wow?

Lou, I have been writing a blog here about my health issues over the past 16 months.  This experience made me realise that so much of the material I have written over the years would never get to the people who needed it most.  Women who want to work as a virtual assistant have difficulty getting the right information when it is beyond their budget.  I decided to re-launch our Basic Membership with massive value and include the things they need as part of a small membership of $10 per week.  Basically the cost of a magazine or a cup of coffee in a fancy coffee shop.  You can now get everything you need plus a free website and some detailed training on getting up and running and finding clients.

But, this offer may not last long as it may not be sustainable for my business.  Please take advantage now while it is available.  I am committed to this offer and the cost will never increase for existing basic members.  Once you sign up and stay a member, the price will stay at that rate.

In addition, The risk is all mine with our 14 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  No contracts or hidden costs and a no questions asked full refund if its not for you.


9 Courses to get you Started (valued at $147 each)

These courses have been specially designed to assist virtual assistants get up and running quickly and successfully.  They are all online so that you can complete them at your own pace and at your own time when you need them.  The courses includes videos, templates and resources to help you master the skills.  Once you master the skills you can then decide whether to offer them as a service to clients as well.

Startup as a Virtual Assistant in 7 Days (Email Course)

On completing the course you will be able to:

  • Be compliant to Australian rules and regulations with regard to running an online business.
  • Know what to consider when naming and structuring your virtual business.
  • Have a list of available technology to test for your business.
  • Worked out what you will do, who you will help and how you will help them.
  • Get started with setting up your online profiles and reputation. 


Australian Compliance

Are you complying with Australian rules and regulations?  This course steps you through the areas that you need to be aware of and provides you with a start up toolkit and more!

If you are not aware of the Trade Practices Act, SPAM Act and the ACCC (among others) you will appreciate this course as it will help you avoid massive fines for contravening the laws of Australia.  Every business owner in Australia is expected to know this.

4 Easy Steps to Succeed

These 4 easy steps will help you succeed as a virtual assistant.  They will help you get set up and started quickly without any distractions.  The course includes 4 worksheets that you can download and complete as you view each video.  4 Steps -

  1. Pick a Service
  2. Do A Marketing Plan
  3. Reach out to Clients
  4. Earn an Income

Finding Clients

One the first questions we receive from new Virtual Assistants is "How do I find Clients?"

In this course we step you through the process of finding your first client and some prep work before you start to look.

Your UVP

This course includes the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1:  Understand Your Target Market
  3. Step 2: Spy on Your Competitors
  4. Step 3: Create a Product That Blows Away the Competition
  5. Step 4: Create Your Unique Value Proposition

Bonus Tools and Resources

A UVP Course Guide and a UVP Workbook

Media Training

This Course will help you to understand the media, deal with the media and provide information for the media at a local level.

On completing the course you will be able to:

  • Explain why the Virtual Assistant Industry needs the media;
  • Explain the term "newsworthy";
  • Give examples of the type of information the media is interested in;
  • Identify the purpose of a media release;
  • Write a media release using the GAMM model;
  • Prepare for a media interview.

Wordpress Training

By the end of this course you will have the skills to create a WordPress Website from Scratch:

  • Install WordPress, Themes and Plugins
  • Set up your WordPress site from scratch
  • Understand what essential plugins you will need
  • Know how to add pages, posts and images
  • Understand security issues and how to back up your site
  • Be able to use basic SEO skills to attract traffic to your site
  • Measure and monitor your site using Google tools.

How to SEO a Website

No point in having a website if you don't get any traffic to it.  This course shows you just that, step by step.  

The course consists of the following 5 lessons and we recommend that you complete them in order.

  • 10 Point Health Check for your Website
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Factors
  • Off Page Factors
  • Resources and next steps

The course includes links to free and low cost tools to make the tasks easier and also a few free downloads.

Business Finance Basics

This basics of business finance course has been created to help non-finance virtual assistants understand and create meaningful financial reports. There is a bonus module on budgeting that includes a template workbook.

Lessons cover:

  • The Balance Sheet (download sample chart of accounts)
  • The Income Statement (download sample income statements)
  • Statement of Cash flow (download Cash Flow Chart and Wall Chart)
  • Applying depreciation

Monthly Learning Kits (valued $47 - $97 each)

Each month you will receive access to a new learning kit by email.  All the kits are available through our Learning Kit Menu as they are released.  Here is a sample of them.  Each kit consists of a video, worksheet and template or guide where appropriate.  The topics have been drawn from the learning pathway of becoming a virtual assistant.

Create an Exit Strategy

In this 13 min video you will understand how to do an exit strategy and vision board. Worksheet Included


Susan provides you with an overview of the technology you need to help clients and a few extras. 

Content Marketing

At the end of this session you will have a content marketing plan.  Storm provides the steps.

Picture This - Your Ideal Client in Focus

A clear picture of your best client as well as key marketing message and ways to connect.

In this learning kit you will see what did to become a level 2 seller.  Includes some gig ideas to download and their popularity.

Packaging your Services

Some great practical tips from this fabulous business coach on making your services more attractive to clients and charging better to earn more.

Intro to Linkedin

Susan shows you how to improve your profile and get clients on linkedin.  Download is our Linkedin Marketing guide (usually valued at $47 but yours for free.

Multiple Clients

What happens when you have too many clients and lots of other priorities?  Susan gives you some great tactics and tips to manage.

  • 121 Temps

    “I came by the 121Temps website quite by chance when I was starting my VA business over 12 months ago. It was the best thing that ever happened. I have gained so much useful information and personal support, and Susan Wilkin is really a star when it comes to giving out advice and good ideas. I have also gained a lot of knowledge by attending the 121Temps online seminars/workshops. For people starting out in the VA business, I highly recommend joining 121Temps.”

    The best thing that ever happened

  • 121 Temps

    “I've known Liz Parker for 10 years now since I've joined 121 Temps and became a foundation member of VA Placements. Joining Liz's network has been the best business decision I've ever made, as I get just about all I need for my business from her two companies, ie clients, resources and training.

    Through Liz' network I have also come to know many other VAs who work from home, which can be a bit lonely if you haven't got someone to talk to and bounce ideas off.

    Liz intimately understands what development needs VAs have to get their business off the ground and flying, regardless of which business phase they are in. The resources and training she provides are excellent, so relevant and always at the cutting edge.

    I've had countless mentoring sessions with Liz over the years to help me shape and re-shape my business as I grow and go into the future. Liz's communication style is generous, warm, funny and motivating, and she knows what it takes to run a successful business. Liz is the ultimate professional, I can't recommend her highly enough.”

    Can't Recommend 121Temps Highly Enough

  • 121 Temps

    “Wow - that's all I can say since meeting Liz Parker. I have days where I can't see where I am heading and one phone call to Liz and she has cleared the path for me. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that she has. I have been a struggling Virtual Assistant for a couple of years before I met Liz. Now I have found that my business is growing by leaps and bounds. Liz has shown me where to access the information that I need. She has shown me courses to do to help develop myself. Since joining 121Temps I have gained new clients with ease, as Lizhelps you in that area as well. I am now setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am looking forward to my journey now that I can see my future as I have always wanted to work from home around my children and Liz has made this come true for me. Thanks Liz for everything that you have helped me with. I would highly recommend Liz and 121Temps for anyone wanting to work from home.”

    WOW - that's all I can say

Get this massive offer now, before it goes away!